Real fruit is our primary ingredient.

A Kozlowski Pie is a slice of Sonoma County history. The tradition of pie making dates back to 1952 when Carmen Kozlowski began making fruit pies from the overabundant supply of berries and apples on her farm. Carmen’s original recipes are the foundation of today’s Kozlowski pies.

Kozlowski Farms homemade pies began when Tony Kozlowski returned from WWII military service and married Carmen Lorenzo, a hardworking girl of Spanish descent who was born and raised in Sonoma County.   Tony and Carmen harvested their first crop of apples in 1949 and soon thereafter purchased orchards in the Russian River Valley.  Carmen opened her farm store in 1954 selling homemade pies, apples and cherries.

In 1968, Tony and Carmen planted 20 acres of raspberries. Moreover, with the help of her three children, Carol, Perry and Cindy, Carmen began making raspberry jam and pies in her farmhouse kitchen.   Today we are proud to continue making homemade pies in the age-old tradition instilled by Carmen Kozlowski.

Kozlowski Pies

Real fruit. Real flour. Real butter. Real good.