Frequently asked questions

Do you ship pies?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship our pies.  Check back with us later as that might become an option as we work on proper shipping.

Can you deliver my pies?

We deliver our pies to local retailers.   It’s best to ask for Kozlowski Pies wherever you shop.  We can also work with you on corporate gifts and recognitions.  To learn more, click here.

Are Kozlowski pies made with real fruit?

Yes, absolutely.  We pride ourselves on making our pies with simple, understandable ingredients.   The first being, real fruit.

Can I order pies for local pickup?

Special pie orders can be arranged with area retailers.  It is best to contact your local market to arrange for special orders.  For a list of retailers, click here.  To learn about our Easy As Pie Fun Fundraisers, click here. And to learn about corporate gifts and recognitions, click here.

Where can I find Kozlowski jams and preserves?

We are focusing on our pies and pie tarts.  Unfortunately, at this time Kozlowski Farms’ jams and preserves are no longer available.

Tell me about your pie dough.

The dough is made with 100% butter (no shortening in this dough!) and wheat harvested from California and the western United States.  Our wheat flour has no added enrichments or ingredients.  It is just good ole’ wheat flour milled by Guisto’s Vita-Grain who has been in the baking business since 1940.   We are proud to feature their flour in our pies.

When do you make pumpkin and pecan pie?

Pumpkin and pecan pies are seasonal.  You can begin finding them at retailers usually in mid-October through December.

Can I freeze my pie?

If you aren’t going to eat your pie right away, we highly recommend freezing your pie.  Then remove the pie from the freezer and allow it to defrost in the refrigerator.   Then follow the serving directions on the box to reheat your pie.

I cannot eat a whole pie.  What should I do? 

Share it with friends, of course!  Otherwise, portion the pie, keep the portion you plan to eat within a week in the refrigerator and freeze some for later.  Take pieces out and enjoy at your leisure.

What do you do to support the community?

We have a great program to support our local non-profits.  To learn more about our Kozlowski Cares Easy As Pie program, click here.